Kateria is a place of exclusive care for your pet cat. The hotel has been designed to meet the needs of cats which are used to everyday home care, warmth, tenderness and security.

Whilst in our care we make every effort to pamper your pet so that during your absence each guest kitty feels pampered, well-cared for at our peaceful countryside location throughout the duration of their stay with us.



Our boarding cattery was born of a dream and love of animals, just like our breeding cattery that was established in 2010. For years, we have been visiting our friends in Scotland, who in addition to breeding cats also run a pet hotel for dogs and cats. Their home is always filled with cat magic, and in the hotel, although completely different from what we built ourselves, the animals felt good. Their owners returned time and again indicating a strong bond of trust was formed along with satisfaction with the way their pets are cared for in clean, secure and friendly conditions always treating guests with caring individual attention. Our cattery is a place where you can be confident cleanliness and hygene are paramount where you can be assured your pets have space tailored to their welfare and needs.

Someone said that to be successful you need to be crazy about what you do, live your passion, not just deal with it from time to time. We have abandoned the city for cats. I gave up my high heels deciding to work from home thereby always close. The hotel is a natural continuation of this lifestyle, because many customers of our cattery have asked us if their kitty could return for future holidays. Now I can say yes and there will always be someone here who will devote time to them.



The hotel has a boutique formula. We focus on providing full relaxation to our cat guests in a cozzy and unique atmosphere. We value peace and quiet and refined interior conditions. We have deliberately chosen materials, colours and fittings that are cat-friendly and preferred by them.

Cats have 11 personalized suites at disposal, including 7 several-meter-long classic suites for couples and single cats plus 4 large family suites for cat families or larger space enthusiasts.  More information...




We are located in the buffer zone of Kampinowski Park, 10 minutes from the airport in Modlin and Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Czosnów and Leszno, 30 minutes from Warsaw, near the route to Gdańsk. The easiest way to get to Cattery is to Gdańsk via Łomianki or the route from Leszno to Gdańsk.

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All information on the length of stays, price list and ways to book a room for a kitty can be found in Price List. For specific questions, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Full details of Kateria can be found in the Contact

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