Effective from 1.10.2020

As a standard of our hotel - each cat or cat family receives their own room equipped with a cat tree, a disinfected litter box, cat bed, shelves on the walls, individually adjustable heating, a window overlooking the garden and a spacious window sill, toys, bowls for water and food, and a blanket.

You can bring your cat's favourite toys, blankets and a cat bed.

In order to keep a proper diet, feeding habits and reduce the nutrition change stress, we suggest to bring the cats food and a nutritional list with your cat. The fee for the stay does not include board, the cost of hotel board is PLN 10 per cat per day - it includes Royal Canin or Feringa / Purizon dry food and two meals of wet food in choice of Carny, Feringa, Wild Freedom, Animonda von Feinstein, etc.

The hotel day lasts until 12:00.

Please make a reservation by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone 0048 602116670. Our hotel has a limited number of rooms. We focus on the quality and comfort of the cats and their frequent contact with their guardians, therefore, in the case of holiday reservations, please contact us in advance so that we can guarantee your pet a chosen room and perfect care during your absence.

The minimum hotel stay is 3 days.

Feel free to contact us and make a booking.


Price list:

1 cat



2 cats

(sharing same room)

3 cats

(sharing same room)

more than 3 cats

payment for the hotel board

Regular season

55 zł/

75 zł/
100 zł/
negotiable price 10 zł/per cat or your food provided 

Christmas and New Year: 23.12-06.01
Easter: 2.04.-6.04
Winter Break: 18.01-28.02
May break: 30.04-6.05
Summer break: 15.06-15.09
Other holidays: 1.11, 11.11

60 zł/ day 80 zł/ day 110 zł/ day negotiable price

10 zł/per cat or your food provided