The hotel has a boutique formula. We focus on providing full relax to our cat guests in a cozy and unique atmosphere. We value peace and quiet and refined interiors. We choose materials, colors and arrangements that are cat-friendly and preferred by them.

Cats have 11 personalized suites at disposal, including 7 several-meter-long classic suites for couples and single cats and 4 large family suites for cat families or larger space enthusiasts. 



Each room has been equipped with cat tree, a large litter box, cat bed, radiator with the option of setting the cat's preferred temperature, home lighting, as well as soft shelves on the walls and a wide window sill, on which your kitty can comfortably stretch the back and look outside the window.


We offer our guests views of the picturesque garden on the edge of the Kampinos Forest. As an addition to the holidays, we offer a cat guest clean country air, a galaxy of singing birds, colorful butterflies and fragrant flowers.


Cats can also freely observe our staff and participate in the life of the hotel, but without exposure to direct contact with other animals. Thanks to the glass door, they are securely separated from other hotel guests and thus protected against exposure to bacteria or territorial behavior.